Midwife in the city

Remember to breathe.

A Midwife of color who provides home birth services in the comfort of your own home.

All birthing people deserve access to individualized, good quality, evidence-based prenatal care. My mission is to care for, educate, and support patients to ensure healthy outcomes. I am an experienced clinician that understands pregnancy and birth is a normal physiological life event that needs to be managed as such and not as an illness, unless necessary. 

My philosophy is based on the belief that healthy people can give birth naturally and with little to no intervention. I respect your individuality and together we will work in unison to create the special birth experience you and your family desire. Prenatal visits are also a time to get to know you, answer your questions, and share information. I encourage your active participation in decisions regarding your pregnancy and birth. The whole family is welcome to participate in prenatal care and the actual birth.

Accessible quality care for all.

Midwife in the city services include 


Prenatal care






Postpartum care


Gyn care

After 18 years of midwifery service, Ms. Williams is available to provide expert case review and consultation for those with the legal case review. Please contact us to learn more about professional services.

Evidence-based care that informs clients about options. Concierge midwifery care in your home.

Our Midwife Process

  • Culturally Sensitivity Care  –Access to evidence-based research and information without bias is my focus. Health care requires a decision about testing and procedures. I encourage my clients to feel empowered and encouraged to make the best choices for themselves with guidance from the medical and midwifery care model.
  • Safety – Your health, life, and safety of your infant is my priority. Pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum are intimate times, and feeling safe is key to have a satisfying birth. I am committed to providing care to low-risk families and having physician support if the risk arises. 
  • In-Home Care – Together we will review your birth wishes in detail. All prenatal visits take place in your home.  Appointments will be made at a time convenient to both of us.  Prenatal visits include a physical exam, labs, an evaluation of your nutrition, activities, overall wellbeing, and addressing any concerns you might have. 
  • Labor and BirthIn preparation for the birth you will receive a list of key items to have in place. I will arrive at your home equipped with my birth bag of all the essential midwifery tools needed to have a safe home birth.
  • Immediate Postpartum – Once the baby is born, we make sure that you and your baby are transitioning well.  Perineum inspection for lacerations, numbing medication, and a repair will be done if necessary.   A thorough newborn exam will be performed, including the baby’s weight, measurements, and evaluation.
  •  Postpartum follow up – I believe that the postpartum period is extremely important. During this transition from oneness to now caring for a new life I want you to feel safe, relaxed, supported and cared for during this time. There is a minimum of three postpartum visits to assist with fulfilling this goal. The first visit is 24hrs after the birth, 1-2 weeks after, and 6 weeks.

I recognize that different cultures, life experiences, personal and health histories are unique perspectives. I tailor my practice to meet your individual needs holistically.  My goal is that together we will take ownership of your care and focus on joint decision making that supports healthy outcomes.