Midwife In The City Services

Comprehensive, personalized care to families who wish to have a home birth experience.

Prenatal care including:

  • all appropriate labs, tests, and ultrasounds 
  • assistance throughout active labor and birth at home
  • newborn care
  • postpartum follow-up visits. 

Culturally Sensitive Care 

I recognize that different cultures, life experiences, personal and health histories are unique perspectives. I tailor my practice to meet your individual needs holistically.  My goal is that together we will take ownership of your care and focus on joint decision-making that supports healthy outcomes. 

In-Home Care

 Each visit generally lasts 30-120 minutes incorporating addressing any concerns you may have. Keeping everyone in mind I offer a family-centered birth experience, so your children, friends, doula, and extended family members or pets are all welcome to participate.. You will also receive unlimited support by phone, text, and email throughout your care.

Labor and Birth

In preparation for the birth you will receive a list of key items to have in place. I will arrive at your home equipped with my birth bag of all essential midwifery tools needed to have a safe home birth.  First, I will listen to your baby’s heart sounds. Then, check your vitals to ensure that your homebirth is within low-risk limits. Most likely, there will be a birth assistant that will be assisting with your birth.

During active labor, I may be very hands-on or hands-off, depending on your needs at the time and/or your phase of labor.  Waterbirth is a great option for laboring.  It provides pain relief and relaxation during active labor. 

Immediate Postpartum

Once the baby is born, we make sure that you and your baby are transitioning well.  Perineum inspection for lacerations, numbing medication, and a repair will be done if necessary.   A thorough newborn exam will be performed, including the baby’s weight, measurements, and evaluation. Vitamin K and antibiotic eye ointment are offered for the baby. We will assist with initiating breastfeeding/ chestfeeding, if desired. 

 I will remain in the home for 4 to 5 hours after the birth to ensure that you and your baby are stable, healthy, and bonding well. All of this happens on your bed with your baby still in your arms. 


Postpartum follow up

I believe that the postpartum period is extremely important. During this transition from oneness to now caring for a new life I want you to feel safe, relaxed, supported and cared for during this time. There is a minimum of three postpartum visits to assist with fulfilling this goal. The first visit is 24hrs after the birth, 1-2 weeks after, and 6 weeks. At these visits, I will check your overall wellbeing, your vitals signs, suture checks, if any, your uterus, breasts, and any breastfeeding questions.  If your postpartum support team has any questions, this would be an excellent time to ask.   Of course, the baby’s overall wellbeing, including latch and breastfeeding, will be assessed. The appropriate state-ordered labs will be collected at the first visit. At your 6-week postpartum visit, I will discuss your family planning options and close your midwifery care. 

Trinisha Williams has over 20 years of midwifery-public health experience. She is embedded in equity and advancement of the midwifery-led models in communities, hospitals, and academic teaching centers. She sits on the board of directors of nationally recognized evidence-based organizations; the American Association of Birth Centers, Lamaze International, and the New York State Association of Licensed Midwives. Trinisha’s assistance has guided practices to optimally design their team-based care with an equity lens and reorganization for diversity and inclusion.

Consultation Services:

  • Medical chart review
  • Assist in Midwife-led management, start-up, and expansion
  • Strategies for practicing negotiation
  • Policy creation and review
  • Individual project structured and management